I work freelance in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am educated at TV2 Danmark as a video photographer, editor and soundperson. I have a Ba (Hons.)Art degree in Fine Art Photography from Glasgow School of Art. Where I also worked at BBC Scotland as an editor.

I have worked freelance in the TV and ART business since 1996 when I graduated, and have my own one-woman-band company since 2006. Today I work less in broadcast but more towards documentary and smaller commercial jobs, sometimes as a visual advisor consultant and make portraits, other times I create art.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, either to bye some of my art or to hire me for your next video or stills you need done.

Frederikke Friderichsen
Fine Art Photography

Artist Statement

My artwork is concerned with an attraction of layers and texture, a photographic touch seen in reflections, patterns or surfaces, mirrored or repeated in the actual image.

A transparent cover of various layers can make an image appear slightly incomprehensible at first and at times unpredictable. I work with expressing a notion of the hidden found in modern architecture and urban space.

What I choose to work with stems from looking for profound obscurity on an aesthetic level and striving for balance, harmony and peace.

Through a constant dialogue between my ideas and my senses, I strive to construct compositions through which I can express a balance of harmony and an aesthetic feel. Moving away from a more conventional approach to making images.

Occasionally I go back again and again to engage with the same space, looking for instances of reflections, fragments or repetitions, taking many photographs, constantly reflecting on the final art result. I work with the images I assemble from the place I photograph relating to visual perception. What is it we see when we see.