Frederikke Friderichsen work as a PHOTOGRAPHER, VIDEO EDITOR and ARTIST, freelance based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She is educated at TV2 Denmark as a video photographer, editor and soundperson. Later in life she finished a Ba (Hons.) Art degree in Fine Art Photography from Glasgow School of Art.

Her ART has been represented by diverse galleries and she has exhibited in various places.
Her freelance COMMERCIAL WORK is constantly evolving, often searching for the next picture and project to get involved in.
The same applies to her ART WORK. She decides the projects, how and what to create, where and when. When working on commercial jobs she works with and for others, to reach their needs.
As a CAMERA and EDITOR she involves herself in portraits, fashion, interior, events or other.

Working as an ARTIST
When finding the time and inspiration to make her artwork it is often done by taking many pictures with the camera of the same subject or creating her intuitive drawings over and over again, in order to reach an aesthetic feel of harmony and a non-conventional way to making images.

She describes it as :
‘ Occasionally I go back again and again to engage with the place, looking for instances of reflections, colours, fragments or continuations, recording numerous photographs, constantly contemplating on the process to analyse the ideas I assemble from the place I find myself in or the building that confronts me. The same process occurs when I draw. Repetition is important to me with new little adjustments every time . ’

The subjects relate to modern architecture and urban landscape composed with compositional layers and reflections of colours and imagery.

Through a constant dialogue between her ideas and senses, she strives to construct compositions through which she can express an emotional perception contriving to reach a peaceful expression with harmony.

DRAWING – Nature
Her drawings are created in an intuitive way, far from the apparatus that conjugates her with her fine art photography. The subjects are usually related to nature as a contrast to the urban landscape.

Please do not hesitate to contact Frederikke Friderichsen, either to exhibit or buy some of her ART or to hire her for your next PHOTO or VIDEO project.

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